What we offer

We offer and are developing a range of products and services that promote and develop horse and human health. Take a look below at just some of the things we offer.

Instructor in your pocket

A way to have ongoing support without the huge price tag. You don’t have to wait a week or 2 until your next lesson to have someone help you with a problem.
I am here to help, support, problem solve, harass you every day if needed to help you achieve your goals and dreams. You set the goals, you set the time frame I will help you smash them.

Mechanical Millie

Mechanical Millie is a human powered simulator that helps you develop your riding. No matter what your level this equine simulator is for everyone!

This is your opportunity to think about what your body is doing, or maybe shouldn’t be doing when riding. Without having to worry about a horse underneath you. You don’t have to keep them in a contact, turn the next corner or worry that a horse eating monster is going to appear from that bush at any moment.
Millie is a fun and informative way to progress as a rider quickly and efficiently.


Not just any blogs. We are offering you tips and tricks from the professionals in this industry to help you succeed. Our aim is to be the go to hub for all things horse and human health. So if you have an issue with your horse, need some inspiration or want to find our more about horse and human health these blogs are your wealth of knowledge.

The library is just going to get bigger and bigger.

Recommended products

We stock a range of items in our store that we have hand picked to promote horse and human health. Everything in our store we believe in and support. It has to be tried tested and loved to make it as one of our recommended products so we only offer you the best but at affordable prices.
Plus if we don’t have it, don’t worry. Pop us a message and we will grab it in for you no problem at all.

Equine Entrepreneurs

We believe in the business just as much as the riders and horses within the industry. Equine entrepreneurs are amazing, you are working hard towards your dreams within an industry that isn’t always that welcoming. We created Triple E, a membership society for budding entrepreneurs wanting the support, advice and knowledge of professionals who are a few steps further along in the journey.
It is a supportive environment where every month we bring you exclusive trainings to help you achieve your dream life.

Our own bridle range

Inspired by my fat eared/devil horned pony. We are developing a range of bridles inspired by the horses we have come into contact with. Our 1st bridle ‘Ollie’ was inspired by a horse who has super fat ears. I wanted a headpiece and browband that offered him enough room to feel comfortable in his work.
Each new bridle will bring out will solve an issue and named after the horse that taught me so much about it.

Free resources

This is not finished yet. However we are looking to bring you a variety of FREE online resources to help you improve horse and human health. Stay tuned for this one.