Free resources

This page is all for you, giving you free resources for horse and human health.

If there is something you desperately want to know and that has not been covered YET. Please send us over your ideas so we can get working on it.

Here’s to Horse and Human Health!

Giving a horse their first bit could be an upsetting or scary time,if not done correctly. Plus im sure you have been told 101 different ways. You have seen horses at the later stages in life who are bridle shy, chuck their heads up in the air. The bridle has to be taken apart, or maybe they are ridden bitless now.
Check out this method of showing horses their 1st bit with our audio recording.

Seat bones or should I say ‘Butt feet’. They play a vital role in your riding. We have a ebook for you explaining what they are, how you can use them and so so much more.

You will never think about your seat bones the same way again. Canter lead issues, cant feel your trot diagonals, foot falls this can all be felt and corrected sometimes through your butt feet. You just got to know how to get in sync with them.

Life is busy and soon our goals are left behind. We have moved no further forward with out dreams minus the time that has gone passed. So, we created a downloadable goal mapper. That helps you stay accountable to your dreams, break them down into bite size chunks and then rock it out!