About us

Find out about Millie's Mission and meet the team

Our passion is horse and rider development. Covering all aspects from training, attitude, education and so much more. We will never stop on this journey to bring you more information and knowledge to smash your dreams.

So this our mission for you:
“To make horse and rider development available in every corner of the equine industry at an affordable rate, starting with YOU.”

Team Blount - Amy

Meet Amy Blount Dressage
Amy is a dressage specific coach, and has represented British Dressage on the National Development Programme in Coaching Excellence.
“Do you want to maximise your performance? Do you want help planning your journey, or support in setting and achieving your goals? No matter age or ability, I am happy to work with anyone who wants to learn. I have been working with and developing riders since 2004, with training options that cater to all levels. Whether you’re just starting out on your journey or are looking for fresh ideas to help you progress, my lessons and training may just be the perfect fit for you.

Amber Da Silva

Meet Amber Da Silva Equestrian Accredited Professional Coach.
 Amber is the queen of jumping, she loves to event and teaches pony club up to, well, you and me. Amber offers a range of services from home (based in Dorset) or she can travel. From holiday cover, breaking and re-schooling, racehorse rehabilitation, plaiting, trimming and clipping. “Going away? I can have your horse and look after it and school it while you’re on holiday.”
You are in for a treat with this lady!
Amber has joined our team of specialists giving away lesson plans, tips and tricks on a variety of topics.
Her instructions are simple and easy to follow and Amber adapts her style to meet your needs. She understands not one teaching style fits all and that’s why we love her!

Eequine - Emily Lloyd

Meet Emily aka Millie’s Mum
Emily is crazy passionate about both horse and human health. Its about those little things that make a huge difference, improving your posture and making a connection with horse and rider.
“I realised boys could never compare to horses.
I bought my first horse by falling in love with him in a field I used to walk past, found out who the owner was and begged for him.
I have worked with many horses no one wanted. They were called bad horses and classed as dangerous. They all had a reason. My job was just to listen, and my passion for horse and human health was born. Years later I have worked across traditional equine business and slightly unusual ones.
And now i travel the country with my noble ( plastic) stead Millie changing the way people ride and helping them realise anything is possible, no matter who they are.

JP - Fitness

Meet Jake – the fitness guru

 I am a fitness instructor and circuit trainer with a crazy passion for fitness, wellbeing and healthy living. I have a dog named shadow, who never gets tired of walking and a partners dog who doesn’t like to get of the sofa.  I am here to help you to get in the best shape. to get the most out of riding, and to generally feel better and more positive in yourself.